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4 Wheel Alignment

      ??Wheel Alignment??


What is wheel alignment?. Basically it is self explanatory (Keeping all the wheels in line with each other and rolling in the same direction). As cars have progressed with technology the wheels are set up to make the car perform at its optimum for grip handling and efficiency.

Alot of cars today especially SUV's and 4x4's have 3 types of adjustment at the front and 3 at the rear, Camber,Caster and Toe.

We can set your car back to exact manufacturer settings using our Hunter wheel aligner making your car drive as it should, Safe and efficient!.

      Personal Set up

If you have a specific set up you require for your car we are happy to work with you to adjust you car for track/sports set up


When performing a wheel alignment we will inspect the wheels, tyres and suspension components to see if there is any wear that would attribute to the complaint 

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